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2023’s Top Global Health Insurance Providers

If you’re considering moving overseas, you need the most comprehensive worldwide health insurance. There’s a wide range of high-quality international health services accessible, and the majority are priced at a fair sum. But it’s not easy picking the best one. So what’s the most appropriate international health policy that you can follow?

The list of most popular insurance companies worldwide by a wide range of essential aspects. This guide will also highlight the insurance policies that best meet specific needs. In this way, you’ll be able to identify an insurance policy that provides the health insurance you require at a low price. Use our tool to assess the health insurance options for complete information.

This guide can help narrow down the choices available, and it is essential to scrutinize the specifics of every policy to decide which approach or procedure will be the most appropriate for your specific needs. Discuss your options with one of our staff members to assist you in this process. Start by asking for a no-cost quote.

The Top Ten International Medical Insurers

This in-depth review of the top 10 international insurance companies that provide the highest quality health insurance suitable for expatriates, international travelers, and people from other countries. They are global insurance providers that offer comprehensive health plans accessible to people of nearly all nations who reside in a different country during the calendar year or longer.

The companies were analyzed by analyzing the following factors:

  • The network’s size
  • Numerous benefits
  • Other features include telemedicine.
  • The procedure of filing a claim is easy.
  • It is possible to adjust the price of insurance by copays, as well as to be able to modify your deductibles and copays.
  • A.M. Best rating, which indicates the financial stability of each insurer

Which is the most efficient Global Health Insurance?

Cigna Global ranks as the best health insurance policy on our list. The most suitable health insurance policy to suit your needs is based on your family’s specific needs. Cigna Global, GeoBlue, William Russell, and International Medical Group are among the most popular choices for ex-pats looking to move to a foreign country for living and work. All of them are suitable for certain types of citizens.

Find out more information about the plans. If you find the insurance companies that interest you that you’re interested in, request a no-cost estimate.

Top All-Round International Medical Insurance, Premium

Cigna Global Insurance was among the first health insurance providers to offer insurance coverage to foreigners and foreign citizens. It was established in 1982. Cigna Global Insurance continues to remain among the most reputable international insurance providers around the world. It is an excellent choice for those living abroad because they can get full insurance coverage in almost all countries.

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The Cigna Global plan provides a range of different levels of insurance coverage for travelers traveling internationally, as well as the possibility of purchasing some benefits you’ll need without having to pay for the help you’ll not ever utilize. That’s just one of the many factors that have made them top in our rankings. Cost-sharing options and deductibility choices allow you to alter the cost of your insurance. The accessibility of Cigna’s international doctors and hospitals is excellent, making Cigna one of the best options for travelers and ex-pats. Cigna’s success has been awarded an A rating from A.M. Best.

Cigna Plan Highlights

  • Three major plans that include Platinum and Gold along with Gold and Platinum
  • Comprehensive plans can be customized to suit each customer’s needs.
  • Cigna customer service is available throughout the week, throughout the day.
  • Join Cigna Global’s trusted hospital clinics, doctors as well as hospitals

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The best health plan that is suitable for U.S. Citizens Abroad is High-quality.

GeoBlue’s Xplorer policy offers the best health insurance policy suitable for U.S. citizens living overseas and health insurance plans designed for those, not from within the United States and residing in America—the USA. GeoBlue is a privately-owned and authorized member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and offers health insurance to travelers taking short-term vacations in addition to long-term insurance plans for every country.

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GeoBlue Xplorer plan GeoBlue Xplorer plan is an excellent option for U.S. residents living abroad and those residing in the USA. Its extensive coverage, simple claim submission, and outstanding health services by the internet have all contributed to its rise to third on the list despite its geographic limitations. In addition, GeoBlue’s premium plans GeoBlue plan premiums are priced higher if hurt or sick because of their excellent service and welcoming employees. GeoBlue has been awarded an A grade from A.M. Best.

If you can evaluate the advantages, you’ll discover that the top GeoBlue alternatives GeoBlue offer competitive pricing and rates that are better than those offered by companies that provide similar top-quality protection.

Xplorer Plan Highlights

  • Limitation on medical expenses that is unrestricted
  • The most significant advantages of business
  • The members do not need to pay deductibles for routine treatments, like visits to the doctor and preventative health, or even prescriptions for outpatients.

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The Best Practices for Expats to Live who are Living in Asia

William Russell is a firm that’s been working in the area of health from the age of 30 and specializes in providing clients with personal health insurance coverage in more than 160 countries. If you’re a single person, part of a household, or looking, to begin with a child, finding the ideal plan with William Russell’s medical insurance is possible.

The company offers four plans with different levels designed to meet the requirements of the individual. They provide significant advantages, including superior insurance coverage for cancer treatments along with an extensive health-related preventive plan. The rates can be customized with the deductible you choose and the location that you choose for coverage. (Plans don’t offer USA coverage. However, restricted U.S. coverage for trips lasting more than 90 days could be covered.) The highly personal and 24-hour customer service has been rewarded with a 3rd place in this ranking. William Russell has an Aplus score from A.M. Best.

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William Russell’s four levels of plans, Silver, Gold, Silver, Silver, and Bronze, provide members with full health insurance coverage, excellent advantages, and a high standard of customer care.

William Russell Highlights

  • All plans provide all hospitalization coverage, and most programs offer no limitations on inpatient treatment.
  • The entire cancer treatment plan is covered, including an expense of $6,000 for treating the cancer’s genetic components.
  • Each plan is equipped with Medevac Basic with the option to purchase Medevac Plus insurance.

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Best Global Medical Insurance for People on Budget Budget

International Medical Group (IMG) has the largest selection of insurance options provided by health insurance companies worldwide, such as trip cancellations and their long-term medical insurance plan IMG Global Medical. Over the past 20 years, IMG has provided international medical insurance, travel insurance, and low-cost insurance to clients across the globe. IMG offers coverage to individuals from more than 170 countries in the world.

IMG has been awarded the 4th spot on the list due to their wide range of plans offered, the outstanding security against an illness that is preventable, and cost options that allow you to modify the amount of the premiums. They also provide protection that can cover worldwide term life insurance policies as well as terrorist insurance and sports and sports. IMG is rated A from A.M. Best.

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IMG Plan Highlights

  • Four plans to choose from, and modules
  • The coverage areas you choose are based on your geographical zone of concern.
  • You are free to pick the healthcare provider you wish to utilize wherever you might be

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Other Top Global Health Insurance Companies

Today Health International

This plan from Now Health International provides quality medical insurance across the globe, which people who live outside of the U.S. can access easily. Its most popular medical insurance policies for people living abroad include the Health WorldCare Plan, which offers various benefits and covers foreigners in the USA. However, a different, more affordable option will be the SimpleCare plan. SimpleCare is a good choice for individuals living in another country who want an insurance policy that covers all medical expenses that fit into their budget. At present, Health International has an A+ rating at A.M. Best.

Integra Global Health Insurance

Integra Global, based in the U.K., operates offices that provide service throughout the globe. This includes countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. The company specializes in offering healthcare plans for individuals or businesses in addition to businesses that have special protection requirements, such as professionals, expatriates, jet setters, and individuals with particular risks. Integra Global aims to create unique international health insurance plans offering outstanding protection, extraordinary value, and unbeatable customer service. Integra Global has earned an A grade with A.M. Best.

Allianz International Medical Insurance

The most famous insurer in the world is Allianz. It’s a German company under Allianz Worldwide Partners’ control and is part of the Allianz Group. It is known for its global network and for providing businesses with medical insurance plans for foreign employees. Allianz Group has an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

AXA Global Healthcare

AXA gives its customers an excellent insurance plan that protects all international destinations and provides access to protected health care whenever they require it. These plans can be used by those residing in foreign countries or several nations. AXA is a short-term provider of insurance that is international for those who aren’t planning to live in a different country for longer. A.M. The Best Company has granted AXA Global an A+ rating.

AIA Group

AIA is a part of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Alongside global health insurance, they also offer the option of life insurance, retirement coverage, and protection from accidents, providing a complete solution for international travelers. A.M. Best rates AIA Group divisions according to their operating nation.

Bupa Global

Bupa Global has been in business for over 65 years. The company has specialized and invested resources into providing the best international healthcare services. The team of advisors and health experts have a variety of languages to assist in providing services that exceed the expectations of their customers. Bupa Global offers coverage throughout the U.K. and select European countries. A.M. Best has given Bupa Global a rating.

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What are the key factors to consider when comparing Top Global Insurance Companies?

There’s a myriad of resources online to help you decide before purchasing the best international insurance plan.

Find the right insurance company that meets your needs based on the following six factors: rating the cost, the eligibility criteria, and areas of coverage, as well as benefits available to the medical and health networks. Each insurance company worldwide offers essential advantages. Certain companies have better benefits than others but at a lower price.

To assist you during your search, We’ve compiled a list of resources for you to make the best choice. In addition, we put together an for you to research processof research. Finally, we have compiled a comparability table listing four of the best international insurance providers, Cigna, GeoBlue, William Russell, and IMG.

There is the option to get a quotation-free cost that allows you to look over a range of options specifically designed for your needs.

Insurer Rating

The A.M. Top ratings for these companies can give you an insight into the strength and stability of each insurance firm.

Area of Coverage

A majority of insurance companies in the world provide global insurance, which includes the U.S.; however, they do not cover the U.S.

Plan Cost

International insurance firms may have plans with higher prices than other insurance companies due to their ability to offer the most available options.

Medical Benefits

Many insurance firms worldwide provide fantastic regular medical benefits and additional advantages for their customers.


Certain insurance companies worldwide face limits on coverage and age restrictions, and limitations for pre-existing medical conditions.

Healthcare Network

Each insurance company in the world is in a medical system that includes top-quality medical specialists and high-end hospitals.

Best International Health Insurance Companies FAQs

Are you covered by health insurance that covers travel?

Most health insurance policies in the United States don’t cover those outside their country. So if you’re considering going abroad or moving there, securing the best health insurance plan that covers international travel is crucial. This will protect your interests if you get sick or sustain an injury.

What are the top 5 health insurance companies?

What is the most significant health insurance company around the world?

Specialty Travel Insurance Companies

The primary differentiator between health insurance that covers international travel and medical insurance for traveling is the time period for protection provided and the number of benefits offered in insurance policies.

Suppose you own a private insurance plan for medical treatment in your home country. In that case, the likelihood is that it will allow it to be utilized abroad if you require hospitalization due to the incident of an accident or an injury. But, even if that does happen, it’s unlikely to cover the medical expenses.

If you’re planning to travel outside of the United States for a smaller duration of an insignificant amount of time, then insurance is a must. Look at our selection of the most trusted travel insurance providers and choose the best insurance plan for your needs.

Choose the right plan with the assistance of International Citizens Insurance.

We want to help educate people about the advantages of the benefits of international medical, life, and travel insurance. By providing reliable and comprehensive information, it’s simple to select, compare and study the plans supplied by reliable insurance providers. With this information, you can be protected and secure whenever you relocate or travel globally.

The most efficient international health insurance policies and global life insurance, travel medical insurance, International group insurance plans, and cancellation policy for travel insurance are available here. Make sure you read the procedure conditions thoroughly and speak to us about the approach to assist us in guiding you through the process of applying.

If you need assistance choosing the right international health insurance policy suitable for your requirements, you can request a service quote with the perfect policy that meets your needs.

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