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Harvard University

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  • 1 University of British Columbia
  • 2 Oxford University
  • 3 University College London
  • 4 Harvard University
  • 5 The University of Stanford
  • 6 University of Cambridge
  • 7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

HarvardUniversity HarvardUniversity is among the most prominent and well-known American universities and the most long-standing and prestigious schools. It is the top institution in the world of technological and space research and one of the eight schools that are part of the Ivy League. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. It was founded by Protestant priest John Harvard in 1636 to have a connection to the Universities that were established in Cambridge in addition to Oxford as well as Oxford within Britain. [4] . This is to be among the most authoritarian institutions in the world that accept students. It ranks 5th in terms of admissions difficulties.

Harvard University
LogoVeritas (Truth)
Who started everything?John Harvard
Postal code02138 [1]
CountryUnited State
The phone number6174951551 (1+)
6174951000 (1+)
Fax Number6174958821 (1+)
PresidentDrew Gilpin Fost
The students36012 (August 8, 2018) [2]
MembershipIvy League
Orchid [3]

Medical College

Baker Library, Harvard Business School A library belonging to Harvard Business School. Harvard Business School is located within Boston’s Allston district. It is situated in Boston

The reading room is found in The Library of the University (Langdale Hall), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard Theological Library

The overall image of only a tiny portion of the campus

The map outlines the university’s research and development activities. Forest

University Technical Museum


Founded in 1636 AD


Harvard University campus covers an area of ​​850,000 square meters


Harvard colleges


  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • and fashion
  • Science and Arts
  • Theology
  • continuous education
  • Business
  • The management of the government
  • Law
  • Public Health
  • Radcliffe Institute.
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • The pharmacy

It is believed as one of the world’s top institutions. The university is thought to be among the leading universities. American Harvard University ranked first among the most famous universities around the globe and ahead of other universities, including that of British Universities in Cambridge and Oxford in the list published as an addition to The British Times publication, which devotes its efforts to education. Its Higher Teachers Institute INS was the first French institution on the list and was placed 18th. American universities ranked at the top of the list with 33 universities ahead of Britain (15) and in addition to Australia as well as The Netherlands (7), together with five universities that are from France that are located within France in France as well as Switzerland and Switzerland also made the list of ranking. It also includes three Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, and Germany schools. This classification was created in response to an appeal by the professors of 3703 universities worldwide to develop an inventory of the top 30 universities in their fields.

The top 25 schools in the country include these schools.

The world’s top ten most highly regarded schools, following The Times, was published in 2005. :

  • Harvard University ” United States. “
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology “MIT” “USA.”
  • University of Cambridge ( UK ).
  • Oxford University “UK.”
  • Yale University “United States.”
  • Stanford University “United States.”
  • The University of California at Berkeley “USA.”
  • London Imperial College London “Britain.”
  • Princeton University “USA.”
  • The University of Chicago “USA.”
  • Columbia University “United States.”
  • Duke University “United States.”
  • Peking University, China.
  • Cornell University “USA.”
  • Australian National University ” Australia. “
  • London School of Economics “Britain.”
  • Higher Teachers Institute ” France. “
  • National University of Singapore ” Singapore. “
  • The University of Tokyo ” Japan. “
  • McGill University ” Canada. “
  • University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Johns Hopkins University “United States.”
  • Swiss Federal Institute ” Switzerland. “
  • University College London UCL “Britain.”


Most well-known Harvard University alums are the seven presidents of America. United States of America who attended Harvard University, and they consist of:

  • John Adams.
  • Franklin Roosevelt.
  • Rutherford Hayes.
  • John Kennedy.
  • Barack Obama.

Many famous people from all over the globe have completed their education and this program. It comprises:

  • Aga Khan IV.
  • Bill Gates : (Owner of Microsoft Corporation ).
  • Mark Zuckerberg : ( Facebook Founder ).
  • Aziza Al-Habri: Advocate for Muslim causes in America. United States.
  • Stanley Oramic : American biogeologist and paleontologist (born 1946).
  • Du Bois : (February 23, 1868, to August 27 13th, 1963) was a famous African American sociologist and political militant.

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