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The 10 top private health services in the UK

The UK’s health insurance sector is continuously altering as insurers change their strategies to meet the demands of customers – however, often removing certain features.

With hundreds of available options and companies, comparing the most basic options offered by all insurance companies is daunting. Although you’ll find a variety of diverse market comparison websites on the Internet, most of them do not let you quickly look up the different companies without filling in every detail required to receive a quotation.

According to the research of the Association of British Insurers, in the year 2016, it was 340 health insurance companies located in the UK and 563 across Europe. By 2021, the numbers will likely grow substantially higher.

The article reviews 10 of the most reputable health insurance companies across the UK. Each piece will provide an overview of the business, a brief outline of the coverage offered in their primary products, and additional details on the company’s achievements and awards.

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  • 1 Allianz
  • 2 Aviva
  • 3 AXA
  • 4 Bupa
  • 5 Exeter
  • 6 Freedom
  • 7 General & Medical
  • 8 Saga
  • 9 Vitality
  • 10 WPA
  • 11 Where can I discover the most private and high-quality healthcare within the UK


Allianz is a German multinational insurance firm among the most renowned providers globally. Their policies are centered around medical insurance for international patients, which is available throughout the UK and in many different countries around the globe.

Allianz provides customers with three different insurance plans. The plans are called Care Pro, Care Plus, and Care.

The plans may include:

  • Inpatient & day-patient cover
  • Coverage for out-patients that is optional
  • Treatments for emergencies
  • Medical evacuations
  • Rooms in private hospitals
  • Expat Assistance Program
  • Security services for travelers

The business has also performed extensive work supporting efforts to protect the environment. As a result, it has reduced its carbon emissions through an effort to find environmentally sustainable investments and low-carbon technology solutions that will last for years to come.

In 2019, Allianz won a “Business Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year” award at the British Insurance Awards for their efforts and achievements in this field.


Aviva is a global insurance company with its headquarters in London. It offers a variety of insurance to more than 33 million clients worldwide, with most of them in the European and Asian markets.

Its primary health insurance policies are comprised of three different plans. These plans are called Cancer Pledge, Expert Select, and Wellbeing Services.

The protection included in these plans is:

  • Out-patient cover
  • Acute conditions
  • Hospitals with access to hundreds within the UK
  • Cancer care cover
  • Specialist fees and hospital charges

2020 saw Aviva pay PS30 billion in claims and benefits and invest in more than PS11 billion of green assets.

Aviva has worked in conjunction with the British Red Cross in an award-winning collaboration since the year 2016. The main focus of this charitable partnership is assisting those in need and offering strategic advice and support.


AXA is a French insurance multinational company, one of the UK’s most critical health insurance providers. AXA is mainly active within Western Europe, North America, and the Indian-Pacific region.

The core cover extends as far as:

  • Full inpatient & day-patient cover
  • Coverage for out-patients is available.
  • Hospitals with access to more than 250
  • Fast Track Appointment Service
  • The ability to access specialist cancer medications
  • Unlimited GP consultations are available on the Internet or via telephone.
  • Second Opinion Service
  • Free online access to Health Centres

AXA established the Health Tech & You Awards in 2014 to honor the numerous achievements and breakthroughs which occur each year within the healthcare sector. In addition, they were awarded the Health Insurance Provider of the Year title in the annual Moneyfacts Consumer Awards.

They’ve committed PS250 million towards more than 650 research and development products via their AXA Research fund and organize various events each year that support different charitable organizations.


Bupa is a healthcare and insurance company headquartered in the UK and has over 80,000 staff and over 31 million customers worldwide. They’re experts in supporting and protecting those suffering from mental health ailments and also provide numerous health insurance options through options like Bupa Global.

Their health insurance primary coverage covers:

  • Inpatient & day-patient cover
  • Coverage is available for patients who are not inpatients.
  • The option to select your private physician
  • Private rooms in hospitals
  • Treatments for mental health and wellbeing
  • Personal dental care after six months
  • Specialized cancer treatment
  • Private physiotherapy, other therapies, and more

Bupa provides more complete mental health coverage than other health insurance companies in the UK, with various choices in treatment and assistance for addiction, depression, anxiety, and various other illnesses.

Bupa was also listed as the fifth-best employer across the UK by LinkedIn.

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Exeter is one of the Devon health insurance companies based in Devon, which is run as a friendly society, as opposed to a typical firm. It is the name that describes an insurance mutual.

The main Exeter health insurance product Health+ includes:

  • Inpatient & day-patient treatment
  • Out-patient coverage is optional.
  • Unlimited cancer coverage
  • NHS cash benefit
  • Private ambulances
  • Home Nursing
  • Parents’ accommodation

It is worth noting that Exeter’s insurance products have been awarded several awards over the past couple of years. They comprise income protection such as private medical insurance and life insurance for individuals, in addition to many others.

Comparing its offerings to competitors will allow Exeter to ensure that its clients receive the lowest prices in the health insurance market.


Freedom is a prestigious private health insurance provider within the UK, established in 2003. They specialize in offering low-cost and flexible health insurance.

Three main insurance options offer various levels of protection. The three plans are Freedom Elite, Freedom Essentials & Freedom Worldwide.

Freedom Elite covers:

  • Day patients and inpatients are covered.
  • Cancer Cover
  • Pregnancy complications
  • NHS cash benefit
  • Private ambulances
  • Cash benefits for Maternity
  • MRI, CT, and PET scans
  • Home Nursing
  • The dental surgery

Freedom Essentials offers a fixed amount of cash, a cancer cash benefit, and optional out-patient coverage. Freedom Worldwide is focused on international medical insurance but provides many of the same choices.

Freedom offers its customers discounted rate of 6% on each year’s payments for all plans and two-year fixed premium policies, which guarantees that the price of coverage will not go up.

General & Medical

General & Medical Insurance is a UK health insurance company and a wholly owned subsidiary of General & Medical Securities Group. They offer numerous health insurance plans for individuals, families, and business people from around the globe.

They offer four insurance plans: essentials Life, Everyday, Lifestyle, and Elite.

The plans may contain the following:

  • Inpatient cover
  • Out-patient cover
  • Treatments for cancer
  • Health & well-being services
  • NHS cash benefit
  • The Stress Helpline

General & Medical is the most popular medical insurance option for those in the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland.

They also offer various health plans and insurance products to protect against accidents for companies and individuals who work in the United Kingdom’s sports industry.


Saga is an insurance provider located in Kent with over 2.7 million clients. Their products are geared toward health insurance for the over-50s market. They also offer a range of different types that provide travel insurance.

Saga provides four health plans: Super Secure, Saver Plus, and Support. All of them come with various amounts of coverage and extra costs.

The significant aspects of their covers are:

  • Inpatient & day-patient cover
  • Coverage is available for patients who are not inpatients.
  • Saga GP Service allows users to consult with a physician at any time.
  • The ability to access many private hospitals
  • Rehabilitation care after treatments
  • NHS cash benefit
  • Dental injuries benefit
  • Prosthetics with external prosthesis benefits
  • Cancer Care Team support

They also are the founders and proprietors of Saga Magazine, a trendy monthly subscription magazine published throughout the UK.


Vitality is a private health insurance provider with its headquarters in London as well as having sites located in Bournemouth as well as Stockport. It is part of Discovery Limited, a South African financial services group.

The core of their health coverage includes:

  • Inpatient & day-patient cover
  • Cancer coverage
  • Acute conditions
  • Hospital stays in private hospitals
  • Healthcare support for the mentally ill
  • Menopause support
  • The promise of full cover
  • Medical professionals can provide advice via Vitality Care
  • Online access to GP consultations as well as a 24-hour support line for Vitality GP

Vitality has been awarded numerous awards in the industry, such as The British Insurance Award 2020 and the Customer Cover Awards of 2019, proving they’re one of the top private health insurance UK service providers.


Western Provident Association is a not-for-profit health insurance firm in the UK based in Somerset. They also own WPA Protocol, a subsidiary firm that specializes in healthcare trusts that have corporate status.

The health insurance coverage offered by WPA includes:

  • Inpatient & day-patient cover
  • Out-patient cover
  • Cancer care
  • NHS hospital cash benefits
  • 24/7 access to a private GP assistance line
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Private ambulance transportation
  • Home Nursing

WPA has negotiated a settlement of PS0.8 billion in claims during the past decade, and they’ve also been able to sustain an impressive satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of five on Trustpilot.

What is the most effective private healthcare provider in the UK

They are only a handful of the biggest firms, but as mentioned, many insurance providers operate within the UK and offer various services and policies.

You can do some investigating on your own. However, it will take a significant amount of time and energy! It is recommended that you seek assistance from a professional. A trusted insurance broker can determine the most suitable private health insurance plan for you without searching websites for details.

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