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7 Top UK Business Health Insurance Providers

Business Health Insurance is among UK employees’ most widely used benefits, allowing companies to cover private health care for their entire workforce with a single insurance plan.

Several commonalities can be observed among various policies the vast majority of insurance companies provide; the conditions for each policy will differ in significant ways. Such differences include:

  • Healthcare services are included.
  • Other perks are also available.
  • Price points
  • Terms and Conditions

The article reviews seven top companies offering health insurance for businesses in the UK. It provides a brief overview of their coverage and a couple of the various benefits they offer employees.

If you’re a business proprietor looking to purchase an insurance program, This article will determine the best insurance provider for your requirements and needs.

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  • 1 AXA
  • 2. Aviva
  • 3 Bupa
  • 4. Cigna
  • 5 Freedom Health Insurance
  • 6 Vitality
  • 7 WPA
  • 8 Where can I locate the most influential corporate health insurance for the UK


AXA is a multinational insurance firm headquartered in France. Their primary areas of health insurance cover all day and in-patient treatment, and an option of adding outpatient coveraoutpatientst.

A few other advantages AXA’s other advantages are access to more than 250 private hospitals in the UK and getting particular cancer medications that are not typically available on the NHS.

AXA also provides a second-opinion service offering the feedback and recommendations needed to make the medical diagnosis or treatment plan to help patients decide the best way to approach their treatment options.

AXA may also offer The fast-track appointment option as an added insurance advantage. This helps to ensure that the employees get doctors as fast as possible.


Aviva is an insurance company with international reach that has its headquarters in the UK. The health insurance plans they offer provide outpatient coveragoutpatienter treatment and treatment for acute medical issues.

Aviva’s insurance policies provide the use of many private hospitals across the UK and the possibility to pay for hospital costs and medical costs, which may result in a high price for more extensive treatments.

In addition to the numerous other benefits, Aviva’s cover offers a complete cancer pledge that provides additional options and coverage across the different stages of cancer treatment.

Aviva provides a service known as Expert Select, which can assist customers in locating a private medical center and hospital that is the most appropriate for any treatment they need.


Bupa is a multinational health insurance company and healthcare provider based in the UK. The most notable aspect of their health insurance includes day and in-patient services and the choice to cover outpatient servicoutpatiently.

Bupa offers a lot of choices when it comes to their insurance coverage that allows patients to talk privately with a physician of their choice in addition to providing the option of private rooms at hospitals.

Being a leading expert in the mental well-being field, Bupa offers various treatments for mental well-being and health that currently provide more excellent coverage than other insurance companies across the UK.

Bupa also provides a range of possibilities for physiotherapy in private sessions and various other therapies that could assist employees recovering from acute injuries or severe medical issues.


Cigna is an American international health insurer and one of the largest UK companies for private medical insurance. They typically offer outpatient and in-outpatient treatment and various other benefits that could be covered.

Cigna has a distinctive Care Coordination Program that aids in making sure that clients are getting the top possible care. It also reduces the cost of private treatment without impacting the quality and standard of services.

Monitoring of chronic conditions can be offered to help patients monitor the medications and treatments they are taking. This is particularly beneficial because most health insurance providers do not cover chronic illnesses in any way.

Cigna may also be able to cover some of the costs for chiropractic services; however, this insurance is only valid if you’ve been recommended for the procedure by your doctor.

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Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom Health Insurance is a health insurance provider headquartered in the UK. Private coverage covers patients in a day and in-patient care in addition to a range of choices for cancer coverage.

Freedom’s insurance policies will help pay for MRI, CT, and PET scans. However, they can be expensive, particularly if you must have them regularly during a disease or severe injury.

Obstetric complications are also protected through Freedom. However, this appears to be a type of personal insurance that’s not covered by most insurers within the UK, and, probably, you will not discover this particular area of protection with any other insurers.

Freedom also offers an unlimitable NHS cash reward that allows clients to claim compensation of as much as PS100 per day and PS200 every night for any period they have been placed in an NHS hospital to receive treatment.


Vitality is an established London-based UK health insurance firm—the policies they offer to cover the day and in-patient coverage and treatment for acute illnesses and cancer treatment.

Professional advice regarding procedures and treatments is accessible through private consultations with specialists via Vitality Care, a unique feature included with Vitality’s private medical insurance.

Vitality allows its customers to book online appointments for GPs. This is accompanied by an assistance line accessible 24/7 so patients can seek advice from qualified medical professionals.

In addition, Vitality Plus can give employees access to a fantastic range of rewards, such as Amazon Prime subscriptions and discounts at various stores, with a myriad of other deals.


WPA is the name of a UK located non-profit health insurance firm. Its most popular area of their coverage is all in-patient and day-patient coverage, along with outpatient care outpatient various inclusions that provide comprehensive cancer treatments.

WPA has a significant program called the Employee Assistance Program, designed to assist workers in returning to work quickly should they suffer an injury or illness that makes them unable to do their job.

Private ambulances can be included in insurance policies. This allows patients to reduce the growing wait times for traditional NHS ambulances. This will enable patients to get treatment in the shortest time possible when faced with an emergency medical situation.

Different options for care in the home may also be available, which is especially helpful to older adults that have difficulty moving or who suffer from injuries that are severe enough or otherwise ill to be able to move out of their homes on a daily schedule.

Find the top company health insurance for your business within the UK

If you’re inclined to purchase an insurance plan directly through one of these companies, It’s best to seek assistance from an agent.

Apart from the expert advice they provide to companies, insurance brokers can negotiate an even more attractive price for insurance companies than they typically offer due to their vast industry experience and connections.

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