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Who is a lawyer? And what criteria are used to select him?

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What do you need to be aware of when it comes to the Lawyer…

What is the name of the attorney?

A successor or attorney has been designated by another individual, either legally or in real life, and is entrusted with a dependable job and to procure authority from that person to carry out his duties.

Based on the definition set forth by Article 656 of the Civil Code, the term “representative” or successor” refers to an individual who is appointed and chosen as a successor to carry out the legal or civil. According to the terms of a representation agreement with a different person.
The most crucial requirement for a successful advocacy career within the Iranian judiciary is getting an undergraduate qualification in law. Completing relevant training under an expert lawyer and passing the training examinations.


A person is believed to be a graduate of a particular legal test and training to practice law and appear before an authority in the judicial system to benefit another.
Within the scope of the power of attorney agreement between the parties, the one who decides to allow another person to carry out his work will be represented by the client, an expert, and a selected person. At the time of this contract, a limitation is placed on the attorney.
A lawyer can perform the following for his client are:
Things relating to the divorce process and litigation, criminal litigation, commercial contracts, divorce, and other legal issues (except for cases that the client is required to do personally and is not permitted to choose an attorney for himself, such as Laan ( an elaborate event) in Islamic Jurisprudence, in which couples curse one another on specific situations) and testimony in matters of that involve confession, obedience and many more… Lawyer and how to choose the laws 656 through 683 in the Civil Code provide provisions relating to attorneys, which can be utilized to make precise decisions.

different types of lawyers

The absolute heir is the term used to describe a person chosen to run all his business in a manner that permits him to manage the entire principal’s activities, and there is no limit placed on him.
The term “restricted heir” means that you entrust a person to carry out a particular task so that he does not have the consent of his primary to carry out the functions stipulated within the powers of attorney and can only do the work assigned.

How to choose a lawyer

  • The level of education and experience of the Lawyer When choosing the best Lawyer for the situation, the most crucial element of their educational background is the quantity of practical experience gained from prior cases. This should be gathered by doing research and research.
  • Picking between Judicial Society Lawyers or Lawyers of the Center for Legal Counselors To be able to answer the question in this manner, it should first be understood that lawyers are generally divided into two groups: Bar Association lawyers who are distinct bodies from the judiciary as well as subordinate and dependent counseling center lawyers. They are part of the judiciary.
  • The choice of a first or second-grade lawyer: Second-degree lawyers have restrictions on their work hours and can only be employed in specific cases like (criminal sentences that are lesser than ten years in prison as well as fines, floggings, and other penalties). Legal rights of less than 50 million tomans or in instances such as disagreements in marital, divorce, or denial of lineage, lawyers are permitted to defend your rights as clients. However, the primary lawyers in the court can take on representation in all legal proceedings and are considered criminals. …….

The different kinds of lawyers available

  • Eclectic The Lawyer is chosen because the client needs an expert in the administration of judicial affairs. This is because the Lawyer selects his suitable successor and concludes an agreement with the Lawyer.
  • Coincidence: If someone holds a doctoral law degree but hasn’t worked in the legal field and cannot resolve the judicial issues of family members or friends, they can practice law without having passed the bar exam by getting authorization from the association of bar lawyers. This is done throughout the legal procedure. This can be argued in this particular instance.
  • Assistance: When someone needs a competent lawyer to protect their rights and does not need to hire an attorney, An attorney will be appointed to them by the judge or Bar Association’s Assistance Committee to assist him in the enforcement process. The method in which this kind of representative is chosen is known as associate counsel.
  • Arrest: When the criminal proceeding is in process, and the client requires legal representation, the client is unable to select and appoint an attorney or representative or, because of insufficient funds, can’t choose a successor depending on the pertinent judge among the free lawyers who can be appointed to help in the case.

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