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How to choose a good lawyer

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Most people are unaware of the law or how to deal with it. That is why another party was found to help citizens and residents, the lawyer, try to restore rights to their people.

The problem of most people with lawyers lies in the undisciplined prices and the experience and competence in an aspect of the law. Also, the lawyer’s body is still in its infancy and is timid. In any case, to choose a good lawyer, you have to follow these tips:

First: see what type of lawyer you need. There is a criminal lawyers, commercials, and so on, and if the lawyer practices all kinds of cases, look at what is famous and in what type, whether by asking those who know from your acquaintances Or people or resorting to the Internet to look at his press releases, or someone recommends him.

Unfortunately, we do not have sites for evaluating lawyers, and there is no initiative from the Bar Association of this kind to expose the legal market and simplify the selection of citizens.

Second: The size of the law firm makes a difference. Celebrities, money dealers, and big companies tend to appoint significant law firms to solve intractable legal problems locally or internationally. On the other hand, a small law firm will do what you want if you have a simple debt issue.

Third: Set a date to visit several offices to determine the price. Sometimes the lawyer calculates the price by the number of hours he spends, or a fixed price for all procedures, with a simple advance to prove the seriousness, or he does not take anything from you in some cases until after the case ends because the result is somewhat guaranteed. Remember that sometimes you can negotiate the final price, or the office will give you a financial plan to pay comfortably. During the visit, record your observations about each office as follows, after asking the lawyer about the price, the success rate in the case, how long the case will end, and how many points the lawyer has won or lost of this type, – this is an embarrassing question – and if the lawyer is transparent in this matter, choose it without hesitation, On the other hand, the Lawyers Association must provide transparency in the legal market, including announcing the behavioral violations of lawyers in its records, which are supposed to be available to the public so that they can see the lawyers’ violations and qualifications. For example, the extent to which the license is valid, and then the lawyer thinks a thousand times before violating Regulating laws and regulations.

Fourth: Remember how you are dealt with when you submit an inquiry to the office. Does the lawyer speak to you directly? Or does someone else deal with you all the time?

This point is essential, as a good lawyer is keen to communicate personally with you and inform you of the latest developments in the case, not through anyone else. Although honestly, I am not a specialist in this field, the search is never easy. Start today, not tomorrow!

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